We just finished an entire concrete driveway in Baton Rouge for Dr. J. Mass

The concrete driveway job for Dr. Mass went as expected. WCK concrete services found that roots from nearby trees caused extensive damage to the driveway. This damage made the concrete buckle, break, and created dangerous uneven surfaces. Once on site we broke up the driveway using one of our jackhammer attachments and our new Bobcat T-750 loader. We divided the pours into 4 days, thus allowing for an easier working surface for each new day. The final day was the most taxing, since we were pouring next to the road and had to deal with local traffic but managed to have the entire final 8-9 yards poured in about 40 minutes. It was another job well done! If you have questions about your driveway, want a quote, or have questions regarding your foundation, give us a call!

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